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Sun 08
Camp Hill
U15s 2019/20 -Sch year 10
Camp Hill away on 1st Game of the season U15's

Camp Hill away on 1st Game of the season U15's

By Nick Robinson
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The U15's get off to a flying start

First Game as under 15’s
After a short a ride to Camp Hill, Shirley, the boys were changed and ready to play. The Sun was shining and the pitch looked fresh and thanks to Mr Jesson’s preseason training the boys were looking ready to go.

Hinckley won the toss and Kennerson kicked to start the game, it looked like it could be an even game until Hinckley fumbled the ball and Camp Hill took advantage and managed to run the length of the pitch to score the first try, to which they converted. Hinckley did not let this get them down but used it to fuel their fire and after a clumsy restart from Camp Hill, Hinckley snapped at this opportunity with Kew winning the ruck and being supported by Beck who scored Hinckley’s first try. The second try was scored by Handford, followed by Kennerson, unfortunately the wind was not in our favour for any of the conversion but the boys didn’t let this get to them and kept playing some great rugby. The game was flowing nicely and both sides giving it their all, Kennerson saw a gap and gave the ball a little kick down the field which Handford chased and nicely picked up to cross the line for another try. That was the end of the 1st quarter, after a quick hydration, thanks to the quick thinking of Mrs Handford and Mrs Wilson, A few changes and the boys were ready to go again, as were Camp Hill.
The next try was set up by Ray, who off loaded nicely to Healy who scored and converted by Walton. The game was getting little harder for Hinckley as Camp Hill pinched the ball on their 22 and started to run only to come up against Handford, who wasn’t letting them through. Camp Hill continued to push Hinckley back, fighting hard just in front of the try line and from no where Plowman picked the ball up, saw the gap and ran! Even the ref commented on how he could move! He off loaded it nicely to Healy, who was supported by Morgan which took it down the field, finally finished by Kew, Cooling and scored by Wilson, and converted by Bosworth. Camp Hill getting a little fed up with the tries from Hinckley stepped up the game to score and convert a try, Hinckley not wanting their hard work to be for nothing stepped their team work and support up again, when Kennerson looked up and saw a gap and went for it, try scored. Hinckley defended the try line very hard with five break downs, but on the sixth attempt Camp Hill got through to score another try to which the converted again. Kennerson Kicked the game off again and Camp Hill accepted the ball but unfortunately for them the pressure of Hinckley running towards them, they knocked it on, to the advantage of Hinckley, a good run of hands down the line to Hoebee who kindly scored, which Kennerson converted.
The Final play saw Camp Hill running down the wing two on one to be confronted by Walton, he kept his calm stepped in for the tackle on the first who off loaded, Walton saw the pass let him go and tackled the second, wrapped his arms around him and carried him out, Final whistle.

Camp Hill 21- 46 Hinckley

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Sun 08, Sep 2019